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Revolutionizing Precision Healthcare with Dosimetry as a service

We are transforming personalized care with Dosimetry-as-a-Service solution, akin to teleradiology, delivering a distinctive approach to dosimetry.

Learn more about our Y90 Treatment Planning pilot program for early adopters. 

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TeleDaaS™ Launches Y90 Treatment Planning Service and Announces Pilot Program for Early Adopters

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Quality Dosimetry Improving
The Effectiveness of Radiopharmaceutical Therapies

Unlock the transformative impact of quality dosimetry on radiopharmaceutical therapies. With support for multiple isotopes, our dose calculations ensure safe limits for organs-at-risks while optimizing doses for effective target tissue treatments.

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Accelerate your Clinical Trials and Market Entry

Streamline your clinical trials by seamlessly integrating dosimetry-enhancing quality, reducing timelines, and accelerating medical breakthroughs. Discover how TeleDaaS transforms patient care and empowers you to capture a commanding market share, driving unprecedented revenue growth.

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Personalized Dosimetry 
Improves Overall Survival

Elevate patient care with our advanced dosimetry focus, revolutionizing radiotherapy for improved outcomes and empowered physicians. Transform the future of healthcare with us.

Working with industry-leading companies
The DoseLab Service
Near-Time Dosimetry Reporting in Clinical Trials

In the race against time, our efficient dosimetry reporting empowers sites with crucial data for swift inclusion/exclusion decisions, optimizing patient enrollment and enhancing safety through early detection of adverse events.

Consistent and Precise Dosimetry Improves Data Quality

Reduce site-to-site variation with validated techniques, ensuring accurate radiation dose calculation. Proactively identify potential adverse events for enhanced patient safety. Consolidate dosimetry information with the rest of the trial data.

Tailored Dosimetry Solutions for Your Clinical Trials

Recognizing the uniqueness of each clinical trial, we offer customized services that go beyond conventional boundaries. From expert consultations on trial-specific protocols to personalized software for generating essential measurements, we collaborate with you to define site and acquisition requirements, ensuring dosimetry plans that perfectly align with your trial objectives.

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