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TeleDaaS: Transforming Trials

Software Lead Precision for Radiopharmaceutical Trials

Quality Assurance
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Trial Specific Customizations
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The DoseLab Service

Quality Dosimetry for Clinical trials 

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Expanding the TeleRadiology Horizons

TeleDaaS provides dosimetry services tailored for clinical trials. From proposal to delivery, we offer a consultative approach, striving to be an extension of your trial team. Embracing precision medicine, we provide CROs and Pharmaceuticals with a standardized, quality-driven dosimetry solution, setting new benchmarks in the field."

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Image Registration

Best technology for the job

Advanced visualization tools have a considerable impact on a theranostics dose plan's accuracy, according to research. However, time and resource limitations mean it isn't always possible to implement the newest technologies in the clinic.

We use clinical-grade technology at TeleDaaS, which offers accurate image registration, tumor tracking over time, and other features. All of this can be included in your multicenter study, minimizing time and cost challenges.

Discover the Power of our Clinical Grade Dosimetry Service
Ensure Compliance with FDA Standards

At DoseLab, we prioritize the use of clinical grade systems to guarantee a strict standardized approach. Our tools and methodologies are FDA compliant, ensuring compliance with the highest industry standards.

Enhance Quality Assurance

Doselab offers cutting edge dosimetry solutions that are designed to improve quality assurance. Our advanced

tools and methodologies provide accurate and reliable results with fully auditable results.


Doselab offers a scalable solution to suite any multicenter trial. Our teams ensure that consistency and standardization ismaintained throughout. Regular reporting means your teams have full visibility of the progress.

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